Lucretia Grindle

Northern New England, summer, 1688.

A suspicious death. A rumor of war. Whispers of witchcraft. 

Salem started here.

Perched on the brink of disaster, Resolve Hammond and her mother, Deliverance, struggle to survive in their isolated coastal village. They’re known as healers taught by the local tribes – and suspected of witchcraft by the local villagers.

Their precarious existence becomes even more chaotic when they are summoned to tend to a poisoned woman. As they uncover a web of dark secrets, rumors of war engulf the village, forcing the Hammonds to choose between loyalty to their native friends or the increasingly terrified settler community.

As Resolve is plagued by strange dreams, she questions everything she thought she knew – about her family, her closest friend, and even herself. If the truth comes to light, the repercussions will be felt far beyond the confines of this small settlement.

In “The Devil’s Glove,” every page crackles with tension, and every word is infused with the possibility of danger. This story is about love, loyalty, and betrayal. Nothing is as it seems, and everyone is a suspect.